Mobile Apps

1-Hisn A’Shumookh Library Mobile Application.
Download for Android devices Download for Apple devices

  2-Bluefire book reader

There are more than 100.000 books in ebrary that can be read offline outside the library. Download the entire book from ebrary  (acm file) , and then transfer it to your device. Open Bluefire on your device and view the book. The loan will be for 14 days. The bluefire is available in Play or Apple Store

3-Ebscohost applicaiton: ejournals    
·         Medline Complete “2422  full text journals in medicine and nursing”
·From Hisn A’Shumookh library databases:
1-      Click EBSCOhost iPhone and Android application link at the bottom of the page and type your device setup email.
2-      Download the application (ebscohost) from Play or Apple Store
3-      Access the generated email from your device.
4-      Click on authentication key.
The application can be used for 9 months, after which you must send yourself a new authentication key from the EBSCOhost interface.