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استخدام برنامج التوثيق RefWorks  
RefWorks is a web-based research management tool that allows users to:
  • build and manage personal citation databases;
  • import references from various databases available via the Library;
  • generate bibliographies in a variety of citation styles;
  • create in-text references and footnotes within MS Word by using Write-N-Cite; and
  • export bibliographies in several document types (e.g. Word, RTF, HTML).
إنشاء حساب مستخدم
In order to use RefWorks you have to have an account. For opening an account do the following:
1-      Go to
2-      Click  Login icon and fill the requested fields:
   Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\login.jpg
3-      Fill the requested fields
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\signup.jpg
4-      An e-mail , including username, password  and subscriber group code will be sent to you as soon as you signed up.
Hint : By clicking (not my institution) and filling in the subscriber group code, you can get access from outside Hisn A'Shumookh Library.
استيراد البيانات الببليوجرافية من قواعد البيانات
ProQuest  Central, Medline, Eric, Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts and EBrary all support importing reference to Refworks.
To import reference from above mentioned databases, do the following:
1-      Run a Search in those databases.
2-      Select References and then select Export, Choose export to RefWorks.
3-      Your records should appear in the Last Imported Folder.
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\creat search.jpg
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\expo1.jpg
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\expo3.jpg
إدارة وتنسيق البيانات الببليوجرافية
You can manage your reference by adding them to folders, adding citation for a paragraph, deleting reference as well as creating bibliographies.
Creating Folder
1-     Click New Folder icon
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\folder1.jpg
2-     Name it and click Create
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\folder2.jpg
إضافة مجلد
1-     Make tick for to references.
2-     From organize folder, move to the desired folder.

إضافة استشهاد مرجعي
1-     Click on the Curly brackets of the desired reference.
2-     Click on select to copy the citation and then paste in the paragraph which you want to add citation to.
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\cite1.jpg
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\cite2.jpg
إنشاء قائمة ببليواجرافية
1-Select references.
2-Click add bibliography.
3-Chose citation style from the list and click create bibliography.
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\biblio1.jpg

بالامكان ايضا إضافة بيانات ببلوجرافية يدويا من خلال ايقونة مرجع جديد ثم إختيار الحقول المناسبة و طباعة البيانات الببلوجرافية مقابل كل منها.
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\add1.jpg
Description: C:\Users\ysskindi\Desktop\Refworks images\add2.jpg
مصادر اخرى للمساعدة
1.     RefWorks 2.0 Tutorial - An interactive tool that guides you step-by-step on how to use RefWorks. Hands-on exercise is also available.
2.     RefWorks Help File - A complete instruction manual for RefWorks 2.0